Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FMC HPC Optical fiber FPGA Development board XCKU040


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Xilinx Kintex UltraScale  FPGA High end development board

For high-speed data transmission and exchange, pre-verification and post-application of data processing is possible

  • ·4x 10G SFP + Optical fiber interface

  • ·4GB DDR4, 64bit

  • ·2x LPC, 1x HPC FMC Expansion Interface


technical support

Linux Core: petalinux 4.9.0-xilinx-v2017.4 Development Board all supporting data are provided through Baidu Disk, after purchase, please contact customer service for request

Basic experiment
01. Vivado 2017.4 Installation
02. LED water lamp experiment and simulation in vivado
03. Power chip output adjustable voltage test
04. Key Experiment in Vivado
05. PLL Experiment Under Vivado
06. Serial port Transmitting and Receiving experiment
07. Key Shake Removal Experiment
08. LM75 Temperature Test Routine
09. 12C Interface EEPROM Experiment
10. FPGA on-chip ROM Read and Write Test Experiment
11. FPGA on-chip RAM Read and Write Test Experiment  

12. FPGA on-chip FIFO Read and Write Test Experiment
13. SD Card Read and Write Test Experiment
14. DDR4 Read and Write Test Experiment
15. Gigabit Ethernet transmission experiment
16. HDMI Programming Output Experiment
17. HDMI Character Display Experiment
18. SD Card Read HDMI Picture Display Experiment
19. GTX1.25G Fiber Optic Communication Testing Experiment
20. GTX10G Fiber Optic Communication Testing Experiment
21. GTX1.25G Fiber Optic Communication Testing Experiment
22. GTX10G Fiber Optic Communication Testing Experiment

Functional Interface

·Development board


Product Parameters

Core Board Parameters



Chip level

Industrial Grade

Logic Cells


Look Up Tables (LUTs)


CLB Flip-Flops


Max. Distributed RAM (Kb)


Block RAM (36Kb each)


Total Block RAM

21.1 Mb

Global clock




DSP Slices


PCIe Gen3 x8



20x 12.5Gb/s max

Interface and Function


4x 1GB DDR4 4GB, 64bit, Data Rate 2400Mbps

QSPI Flash

1 slice 128Mbit QSPI FLASH, which can be used as the storage of user data in the field programmer

Optical fiber interface

4-way SFP+optical interface for 4-way high-speed optical communication, each optical data communication receiving and sending speed up to 12.5Gb/s

FMC Extension interface

Three standard FMC extensions, two LPC extensions and one HPC extensions. External XILINX or ALINX various FMC sub-boards ( HDMI input and output module, binocular camera module, high speed AD module, etc )

HDMI Output

1 HDMI Output, Support 1080P@60Hz Output, Supporting 3D output

USB Uart

1 Uart to USB interface for communication with computer and user debugging

Ethernet interface

2-way Gigabit Ethernet interface for Ethernet data exchange with computers or other network devices

SMA interface

6-way SMA External Interface for External High Speed Input and Output Signals

SATA interface

2-way SATA interface for connecting peripherals such as hard disks

Crystal Oscillator

A 200Mhz differential crystal oscillator provides a stable clock source for the field bus system
A 125Mhz differential crystal oscillator to provide a reference clock for optical fiber
A 156.25Mhz differential crystal oscillator, which gives the transceiver a reference clock


10-pin 2.54mm standard JTAG port for downloading and debugging of field programmers

Temperature Sensor

Sensor Chip LM75, Used to Detect the Ambient Temperature


EEPROM 24LC04 with 1 piece of IIC interface

SD Card Slot

1-way Micro SD card holder for data read, write and storage of SD card by GA


1 power indicator, 1 DONE configuration indicator, 4 user indicators


1 Reset KEY, 2 User KEYs

Power Supply Parameters

Voltage Input

+12V DC

Current Input

Max. Current 3A

Package List

FPGA Board


DC Fan ( Fixed on the Board )


Mini USB Cable


USB Downloader Cable

1 Set

12V Power Adapter


Transparent Protection Board


Structure Size

Size Dimension

165mm x 113.94mm

Number of Layers

14-Layer Carrier Board PCB Reserve independent power layer and GND layer


Rich extension interface

High-Speed Transmission

Intelligent Recognition, Image and Video Processing Security Monitoring, Machine Vision


Supports high-speed optical network communication, high-speed data storage, video image processing, pre-project validation, machine vision, and industrial control applications

Rich peripheral interfaces: 1 FMC HPC interface, 2 FMC LPC interfaces, 4 SFP+optical interfaces, 1 HDMI output, 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 2 SATA interfaces, 1 UART serial interface, 1 SD card, 1 10-pin JTAG port

SFP Optical Fiber Interface

SFP Transmission Communication

Receiving and Transmitting Speed up to 12.5Gb/s


The warranty period of all products sold is 12 months, of which FPGA chips and LCD screens are wearing parts and are not covered by the warranty. All accessories and gifts are not covered under warranty.

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