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China PANGOMICRO Logos2 FPGA SoM Core Board

HDMI, SFP, Gigabit Ethernet, UART, JTAG CMOS Camera Interface, 40-PIN Expansion Ports Apply to Video image processing and industrial control


Techinal Support

Supporting Verilog HDL Demos and Docuemnts, All Doucments Saved in Dropbox, after buy the board, email to get it.

01. Pango Design Suite 2020.3 Installation
02. LED water lamp experiment and simulation
03. Key detection experiment
04. PLL phase-locked loop output test
05. Serial port Transmitting and Receiving experiment
06. Key debounce experiment
07. I2C Interface EEPROM Experiment
08. SD Card Read and Write Experiment
09. HDMI Programming Output Experiment
10. 4.3 inch screen color bar output
11. 7-inch screen color bar output
12. HDMI input output loop pass experiment
13. DDR3 read and write data test
14. AN831 Recording and Playback
15. SD Card Music Player Experiment
16. Character HDMI display
17. Character 4.3-inch screen display
18. Character 7-inch screen display
19. SD card image HDMI display
20. SD card image 4.3 inch LCD display

21. SD card image 7-inch LCD display
22. AN5642 binocular camera captures HDMI display
23. AN5642 binocular camera captures 4.3-inch screen display
24. AN5642 binocular camera captures 7-inch screen display
25. SOBEL Edge Detection Experiment
26. AD9238 waveform display routine
27. AD7606 waveform display routine
28. ADDA Test Routine
29. AD9767 Waveform Display Experiment-Dual channel Sine Wave Experiment
30. AD9767 Waveform Display Experiment-Dual channel Triangle Wave Experiment
31. Gigabit Ethernet Transmission Experiment
32. AD9238 Ethernet transmission routine
33. AD7606 Ethernet transmission routine
34. AD9280 Ethernet transmission
35. Binocular cameras capture gigabit Ethernet transmission video
36. 1.25g fiber optic communication testing
37. 5g fiber optic communication testing
38. Camera video acquisition fiber 5G transmission test
39. Fiber optic communication HSST CTC mode testing
40. PCle Speed Test Routine

Product Package


FPGA Board

AN9767 Collection Package

AN706 Collection Package

AN9238 Collection Package

Video Processing Packge

Luxury Package

FPGA Board

USB Downloader





4.3-Inch LCD

Supporting Modules in the Package, Click to Learn More


AN9767 DA Module


AN706 AD Module


AN9238 AD Module


AN5642 Binocular Camera Module


AN430 4.3-inch LCD Screen

Key Features

·Core board


Learn More about the Core Board, Click to View>>

·FPGA Board


Product Parameters

SoM Core Board Parameters







Flip-Flop (FF)




APM Unit (Multiplier)


PCIe Gen2





8x 6.6Gb/s max

Working Temperature


Speed Class


Interface and Function


Two 512MB DDR3, 32bit Bus, Data Rate 800Mbps

QSPI Flash

Two 128Mbit, Used for FPGA Configuration File and User Data Storage

Crystal Oscillator

50 Mhz Provide Reference Input Clock for FPGA
125 Mhz Provide Reference Input Clock for HSSTLP in FPGA
200 Mhz Provide Stable Clock Source for the System

HDMI Input

Support 1080P@60Hz Input, Data input in Different Formats

HDMI Output

Support 1080P@60Hz, 3D Output

PCIe x4

Provides a Standard PCIe 2.0 x 2 High-Speed Data Transmission Interface

SFP x 2

The Receiving and Transmitting speed of Each Channel is up to 6.6 Gb/s

Gigabit Ethernet

One 10 / 100M / 1000M Ethernet with RJ-45 Interfaces for Data Exchange


Used for Serial Communication with PC or External Devices


EEPROM 24LC04 with IIC Interface On-Board


10-pin 0.1-inch Standard JTAG Port for Programs Debug and Download

SD Card Slot

1 Micro SD Card Slot, Support the SPI Mode


5 User LEDs (1 LED in the Core Board, 4 LEDs in the Carrier Board)


4 User Keys, 1 Reset Key

40-Pin Expansion Ports

Two 40-Pin Expansion Ports ( 0.1 inch Pitch ), Can be Connect with Various ALINX Modules ( Binocular Camera Module, TFT LCD Screen, Camera, AD / DA and Other Modules )

Power Supply Parameters

Voltage Input

+12V DC

Power Adapter

12V / 3A

Current Input

Max. Current 3A


Package List

FPGA Board


USB Downloader Cable

1 Set

Mini USB Cable


PCIE Fence


12V Power Adapter



Structure Size

Size Dimension

Core Board 2.36 inch x 1.77 inch, Carrier Board 7.40 inch x 4.17 inch

Number of Layers

12-Layer Core Board PCB, 6-Layer Carrier Board PCB


High Speed Data Transmission

SFP x2 High-Speed Interface

Industrial Ethernet, SFP Interfaces Apply to Video Processing and Transmission SFP Communication and Data Transmission


Binocular Camera Module Collection

Camera Acquisition System


The Binocular Camera Module AN5642 for Video Capture, and Displays it on the Monitor through the HDMI Interface of the FPGA Development Board, to Realize Display Simultaneously.

Data Collection Display

Signal Data Acquisition System

AN9767 / AN706 Module On-Board Demo

*The Signal Source Output Signal is Connected to the AN9767 Module, and the Waveform Signal is Displayed through the Oscilloscope
*The Signal Source Output Signal is Connected to the AN706 Module, Run the System to Draw the Waveform Data, and is Displayed to the Monitor through the HDMI Interface of the FPGA Development Board

The warranty period of all products sold is 12 months, of which FPGA chips and LCD screens are wearing parts and are not covered by the warranty. All accessories and gifts are not covered under warranty.

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